Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 bites...the dust...

I want to make a couple of plugs for my books read and reviewed this year.  Visit my goodreads profile at: or see a snapshot of cover art and data visualization here:

I also review for Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Media, and you can read my reviews and others at:  They tweet @pscbooktweets, and I am helping to moderate their feed so please follow us!

In 2017 I hope to read more diverse books and books about school gardens.  I also hope to start a youtube channel of book talks in 2017 -- stay tuned!  I'm currently reading Speaking Peace By Rosenberg, Marshall B.  Actually, I'm listening to it in a recorded book format, and I highly recommend it.  It gives a framework for us to think about our own "self talk" as well as communication with others.  The goal is nonviolent communication and learning to take an empathetic view of EVERYONE and their needs when communicating.  The key to changing behaviors of others and ourselves is to show ways to meet needs more efficiently.

You can find the school library twitter feed where I work @sunsetlibrary and my personal twitter feed @karenkline